Carrier’s and freight forwarder’s liability insurance

ENERGOGARANT is one of a few insurance carriers on the Russian market to offer carriers’ and freight forwarders’ liability insurance.

Why do You need an insurance policy?

This coverage allows our customers not only to avoid financial ruin from potential claims, but to maintain healthy, positive client relationships in any challenging situation, enhance financial stability and competitiveness and get regular orders from major clients both in Russia and abroad.

This coverage protects against losses from third party claims, claims made by clients or recourse actions taken by insurance company.

What is covered under an insurance policy?

Your insurance policy can include the following coverages:

  • liability for physical loss of or damage to customers’ goods
  • liability for damage to proprietary interests of cargo owner due to:

    • delay in delivery of the goods
    • unintentional mis-delivery of customers’ goods contrary to the instructions
    • delivery of the customers’ goods to the wrong destination
    • carriage charges
  • liability for bodily injury, death or property damage to third parties caused by goods or container
  • liability for customs duties, fees and other charges payable to the customs, sanitary and other authorities in accordance with customs and sanitary laws
  • container and transportation equipment coverage
  • salvage charges, loss minimization costs, defence costs, etc.

What are the features of an insurance policy?

Our policy provides protection against any physical loss or damage to customers’ goods during transit from any cause whatsoever (other than those specifically excluded), regardless of whether the policyholder or his representatives are responsible for the loss or damage.

This means that the carrier / freight forwarder will be protected against:

  • any accident to the carrying conveyance during the transit from any cause whatsoever
  • burglary, robbery, brigandage
  • fire
  • cargo damage while in the custody of the carrier / freight forwarder

The coverage attaches from the moment the goods are loaded onto the carrying conveyance and terminates on delivery to the consignee at the agreed destination.

This insurance provides reliable coverage for all types of goods in transit, worldwide, throughout the year.

Under our freight forwarder’s liability insurance policy goods can also be insured while being loaded, unloaded, handled at an agreed storage place or while being in intermediate storage during the ordinary course of transit.

You can make changes to Your policy at any point during Your period of cover such as:

  • changes in carrier fleet
  • changes in character of goods entrusted for transportation
  • changes in territorial limits
  • changes in risks, limits and sum insured

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact us

Updated: 28.05.2019
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