Company details

Full name in English Public Joint-stock Insurance Company "ENERGOGARANT"
Abbreviated name in English PJSIC "ENERGOGARANT"
Full name in Russian Публичное акционерное общество "Страховая акционерная компания "ЭНЕРГОГАРАНТ"
Abbreviated name in Russian ПАО "САК "ЭНЕРГОГАРАНТ"
Certificate of State Registration № 015.034 issued by Moscow Company Register
Date and place of registration 28.08.1992, Moscow
National register of insurance entities reference number (EGRSSD code) 1834
Licenses Insurance Licenses СЛ №1834, СИ №1834, ОС №1834-03, ОС №1834-04, ОС №1834-05 dd. 01.02.2016 and Reinsurance License СП №1834 dd. 01.02.2016 issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Registered office and mailing address 23 Sadovnicheskaya emb., Moscow 115035
Corporate office 23 Sadovnicheskaya emb., Moscow 115035
Tax identification number (INN code) 7705041231
Tax registration reason code (KPP code) 770501001
National classification of economic activities reference number (OKVED code) 65.12; 66.2; 68.20
National commercial register reference number (OKPO code) 17180408
National classification of business structures reference number (KOPF code) 47
National classification of forms of ownership reference number (KFS code) 16
Corporate account number 40701810238360104005
Correspondent account number 30101810400000000225
Bank identification code (BIC) 044525225
Acting Director General Aleksandr S. Davydenko
Chief Accountant Olga S. Kapitonova
National classification of municipal territories reference number (ОКТМО code) 45376000
National classification of public bodies reference number (OKOGU code) 4210014
Registration number with Pension Fund 087-105-001508
Registration number with Social Insurance Fund 7703001487
Registered email address
Tel./fax +7 (495) 737-03-30
Updated: 01.12.2021
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