Partner With Us

  • We believe in an individual approach to each partnership. We work to ensure that all our partnerships are mutually beneficial and sustainable. We are flexible on individual perspectives and preferences of each partner.

    Why collaborate with us?

  • Reinsurance

    Our well-developed reinsurance strategy is customized to unique aspects of the Russian insurance market and time-honoured global reinsurance practices and principles.

  • Collaboration with Banks

    Our holistic strategic partnership with banks is based on extensive knowledge of the Russian insurance market and is focused on delivering superior service that can fulfill our consumers’ banking and insurance needs. Our lasting business relationships in the field of consumer credit insurance enable us to offer bank customers understandable and affordable insurance products and services making the customers feel secure about loan default risks.

  • Collaboration with Brokers

    We place a high emphasis on insurer-broker interchange. Our continuous interaction with brokerage firms is one of our top priorities. What makes a firm foundation for our insurer-broker collaboration is the understanding that an insurance broker is a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience in the insurance sector who will help choose the plans designed to fit the customer’s needs in vehicle, home, property, life, health and disability insurance.

  • Travel Insurance

    We successfully cooperate with tour operators, travel agencies and other tourism service providers. When preparing and designing our travel insurance products, we offer our partners advantageous and transparent terms of cooperation and individual approach that match their specific needs.

Updated: 11.03.2021
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