Civil Liability Insurance

We offer our customers a wide range of general liability solutions.

Our liability insurance products typically cover the cost of compensation to third parties (i.e. physical persons or legal entities) for injury or damage caused by an occurrence in connection with any act, error or omission by a policyholder and/or insured persons.

Liability insurance is designed to protect financial interests of a policyholder that may potentially be sued by a third party as a result of policyholder’s business activities or risks involved in policyholder’s day-to-day operation.

We cover various types of business our customers are in provided that such business is legal and authorized by law.

What activities or occupations can be covered by liability insurance?

  1. Cleaners liability
  2. Entertainment and events liability (concerts, hockey matches, exhibitions, etc.)
  3. Landlords liability
  4. Tenants liability
  5. Security liability (offices, shops, warehouses, etc.)

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact us

Updated: 03.11.2020
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