Cargo Insurance

Our goal is not just to sell You insurance but choose the right protection mechanisms for Your property and Your interests and help You fulfill contractual obligations to the other parties under Your commercial contracts.

What do we offer?

  1. Coverage of all types of freight
  2. Development and implementation of a system of preventive measures to ensure safety and security of freight
  3. Recommendations for packing and securing the load in a carrying conveyance
  4. Arrangement of pre-shipment inspection of cargo and carrying conveyance
  5. List of experienced and reliable carriers, freight forwarders and security providers
  6. Personal account manager

Why cargo insurance is necessary?

Cargo insurance is an effective tool for protecting proprietary interests:

  • of a cargo owner: it helps avoid financial losses incurred by cargo loss incidents
  • of a carrier / freight forwarder: it helps not only protect oneself from freight claims made by customers for cargo loss or damage or recourse actions taken by insurance company but expand the range of services

What cargo insurance policies are available?

  • “All Risks”
  • “With Average”
  • “Free of Particular Average”

Our standard cargo insurance policy can be extended to include the following perils:

  • temporary storage risks
  • loading and unloading risks
  • refrigerated cargo risks
  • other perils at customer's request, such as but not limited to war and strike risks, terrorism, Institute Cargo Clauses, FOSFA and GAFTA clauses.

For those customers that are engaged in export business and export sales contracts, ENERGOGARANT offers programs developed on the basis of international insurance conditions, English law and jurisdiction.

What do we cover in addition to loss of or damage to Your freight?

  • salvage charges
  • expenses for minimising and ascertaining the extent of loss
  • general average contributions

General average is to be adjusted and settled under law and practice of the place of the termination of a maritime adventure, unless special arrangements for General Average have been agreed to in writing in the contract of carriage in which case general average is to be adjusted and settled according to the York-Antwerp Rules.

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact us

Updated: 27.05.2019
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