Farm livestock insurance

Farm livestock insurance is one of the most dynamically developing types of insurance for agricultural farms which protects a livestock owner against loss or death of animals.

ENERGOGARANT’s livestock insurance product is specifically designed for any agricultural business based on “Farm livestock insurance terms and conditions” and Russian Federation laws and regulations.

At ENERGOGARANT, we offer insurance for common farm animals, including:

  1. Pigs (excluding pigs with African swine fever (ASF))
  2. Sheep, goats
  3. Cattle
  4. Horses for farming
  5. Poultry birds which include layers, broilers and hatchery birds
  6. Fish stock

ENERGOGARANT’s livestock insurance policy protects against the below mentioned risks. You can choose how much coverage You want on Your livestock.

1. Loss (death) and/or emergency slaughter of the insured livestock due to:

  • disease (infectious (contagious), non-contagious and invasive disease which first manifests itself during the period of insurance);
  • accidental:

    • electrical injury
    • sun or heat stroke
    • strangulation
    • attacks by animals
    • exposure to cold temperatures (hypothermia, including due to heavy rain or snow)
    • poisoning with poisonous plants, seeds or substances, snakebites or venomous insect bites
    • drowning, vehicular accidents (falling beneath transport) or falling into ravine
  • fire and/or explosion, lightning
  • dangerous natural phenomena (Acts of God) such as:

    • storm
    • hurricane
    • hail
    • earthquake
    • heavy rain
    • flood
    • landslide
    • mudflow
    • snow avalanche

2. Loss or death of the insured livestock due to malicious acts of third parties (including burglary, robbery, brigandage).

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact us

Updated: 03.11.2020
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