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  • The quality of the reinsurance security is what helps ensure the long-lasting sustainability of the insurance underwriter. Annual monitoring and assessment of the dynamics and structure of the Company’s insurance portfolio combined with the business needs and strategic analyses are the tools that help the Company secure adequate and appropriate reinsurance coverage flexible to adapt to both stabilize the results of insurance activities and maximize policyholders’ satisfaction.

    The Company annually renews all basic treaty reinsurance protections, which is the key driver for the Company’s ability to be successful in the international insurance arena. Listed below are some of the most prominent treaty reinsurance programs covering the major high-value risks with which the Company deals and which require significant and reliabe reinsurance capacity:

    • obligatory property, construction and engineering treaties. We collaborate with the world’s top reinsurance companies, such as SCOR, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, PartnerRe and many other major reinsurers the high financial capacity, stability and creditworthiness of which have been confirmed with the highest ratings assigned by both global and domestic rating agencies,
    • obligatory reinsurance treaties for cargo, sea/river hull and other associated risks, including railway rolling stock, shipowners, freight forwarders and carriers liability with SCOR as the program leader.
  • Along with the reinsurance programs mentioned above, our reinsurance products and solutions also include a diverse mix of businesses, such as motor and land vehicles, livestock, title, accident and sickness, civil and professional liability insurance.

    ENERGOGARANT is an active member of the insurance and reinsurance pools, such as National Union of Liability Insurers, Russian Anti-Terrorism Insurance Pool, and Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool.

    The Company is committed to establishing harmonious and mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships. This is what enables ENERGOGARANT to build on strong long-lasting and profitable relationships with reinsurers and what, among other things, allows us to provide specially tailored, cost effective insurance and reinsurance solutions to our customers.

    The strong brand identity and high brand awareness enable the Company to differentiate its offerings from competitors and make its products and services, tailored to the policyholder’s risk profile, including fronting arrangements where the reinsurer acts as a guarantor of a broad coverage and liabilities, stand out in insurance and reinsurance markets.

    Despite continued domestic economic challenges and a turbulent global economy, ENERGOGARANT maintains its leading position in the domestic market in terms of direct insurance and inwards reinsurance carried on by the Company, which is largely due to a long-standing history and reputation and Company’s readiness to meet its obligations.

    Good financial health, unique blend of superior service, keen understanding of the growing needs and expectations of our customers coupled with the stability of our dedicated insurance specialists and management team are the keys to ENERGOGARANT’s success.

    Sustainable progressive development of the Company’s insurance and inwards reinsurance portfolio provides additional business growth opportunities and further expansion potential and at the same time increases portfolio diversification and ensures financial and operational stability of the Company.

    The development and maintenance of a clear, effective, and positive business image of a transparent and trustworthy insurance and reinsurance company in both the domestic and international insurance and reinsurance markets are one of ENERGOGARANT’s key strategic priorities and an integral part of the Company’s long-term growth strategy.

Updated: 14.03.2024
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