Coverage of emergency localization and liquidation expense

In accordance with Article 14(g) of the Federal Law N 68-FZ “On protection of the population and territories from environmental and technological emergencies” dd. December 21, 1994, all organizations are required to have in place financial security to cover emergency expenses.

Such financial security can be maintained through insurance mechanism

What does this product protect You against?

Emergency expense insurance is coverage that pays for unforeseen extra expenses incurred by a policyholder after a disruptive incident as a results of natural, technological or human-induced factors on the insurance territory.

The benefits package includes:

  • cost of search and rescue;
  • cost of emergency rescue operations in buildings or public facilities following an emergency or a disaster;
  • cost of acquisition, delivery and short-term storage of material resources securing the basic needs for survivals following an emergency or a disaster;
  • cost of provision, setting up and maintenance of temporary accommodation and catering facilities for persons affected by an incident;
  • cost of delivery of supplies, provisions and other material resources to site of emergency or disaster;
  • cost of emergency response actions;
  • cost of emergency rescue service (RUERS), Emercom or other disaster relief organizations or non-profits.

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Updated: 28.05.2019
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